WOHNINVEST’s company philosophy is centered on the deeply-rooted Swabian tradition of honesty, quality, and a down-to-earth attitude. The company isn’t based in Frankfurt or London or anywhere else - HQ is in Fellbach, near Stuttgart. Such a trustworthy partner is a rarity in an industry filled with wolves in sheep’s clothing. This film will be an homage to those deep Swabian values, which are very much the opposite of the rest of the industry. We will contrast the two by personifying the real estate industry’s “typical” elitism and corruption into a character, showcasing everything WOHNINVEST is not, and driving the point home - WOHNINVEST is different.


Client. Wohninvest Holding GmbH
Agency. Inhouse
Director. Nico Kreis
Dop. Jan Mettler