Seats for Switzerland

"Bringing people together" is the core premise that Agency Publicis Communications fleshed out to create a focused and emotional campaign ( for Switzerland's market leader SWISS Airline. Together with six directors from the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg​, we produced six branded shorts for TV, cinema, and web. Bound by a common theme, each film follows an individual who is reunited with their loved ones. In place of showing you all six stories, we made a "Best of" for you! Watch all six stories on our vimeo channel.


Client. SWISS International Air Lines
Agency. Publicis Communications Schweiz
Director. Rolf Hellat, Sandin Puce, Bernd Faass, Maximilian Niemann, Tobias Haase, Julian Vogel
Dop. Roland Stuprich, Dominik Berg, Markus Gebhart, Christine Lüdge, Yunus Roy Imer