Plastic Peter

The seas swallow everything human beings produce, consume and throw away. The world's oceans are filling up with rubbish and the limits of ecological self-cleaning have long been exceeded. Plastic waste, which accounts for up to 90 percent of the rubbish in the oceans and on the beaches, is a threat to marine flora and fauna. Everyone has seen the pictures of plastic islands in the sea, dead sea animals caught up in abandoned fishing nets or marine birds that mistake plastic particles for food. The cinema commercial "Plastik-Peter" draws attention to the pollution of the oceans through plastic as part of the Science Year 2016*17 - "Seas & Oceans". Get informed now:


Client. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)
Agency. familie Redlich AG 
Director. Nico Kreis
Dop. Stephan Burchardt